Hello There


This site focuses mainly on camerawork by Simon Claessen, Although it may contain cool stuff by others as well, but accompanied by some words of Simon about why it is included here. Why not a real showreel website? Because his interests are broader, a blog is more suitable.

when he graduated from NFTVA in 1998, he quickly bacame involved in shooting music videos. At that time, 16mm film was the upper standard, although a lot of videos where actually shot on digibeta videotape. when the musicvideo industry collapsed around 2000, he moved to shooting for internet, then a novelty. He quickly specialized in shooting technically complicated stuff with greenscreen, strange aspect ratios and mattes.

Besides that, he collected quite a few old video and film cameras: super-8, 16mm, 1- or 3-tube video cameras and a big load of film- video- and photo-lenses.