Church thing

A church takes a huge amount of light. this setup used ‘only’ 3x 4Kw and 3x 2.5Kw HMI and some small fill stuff. besides that, I had to have two 6×6 butterfly just to block the sun from entering the set.
Anyway, a lot of fun…

Nothing to Say


One Band, A roof, A girl and two tube camera’s

A long time ago, when we were younger, I shot a video for Supermannen and their song “Niets te Melden”. A Lot of fun, until the neighbors started complaining and calling the police. (I would love to shoot a video for the Police, but i’m not old enough…)



Scanning negatives with a camera

Because scanning the normal way takes a long time, I took another path simply by making a digital picture of a negative nwith my reproduction bellows. that is a lot faster. setting up the gear takes a little longer, but after that, you just shoot away.

Setting up is tricky though. The first test I did at night with a Ikea ledlight als a lightsource. that turned out to be the wrong move. You need colder light to compensate for the color negatives warmer filmbase. The picture Above was an attempt to correct this in lightroom and as has turned out quite futile to get to a decent picture toning.

But I liked what happened there. It almost looks like a handpaited b/w picture. the sharp color change in the background between the trees and the sky is stunning.

Anyway, to get better color rendering, use the sun as lightsource, or at least an daylight corrected lamp. power is not a issue, because you can adjust your shutterspeed.

good luck